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"Ye Ancient Dogge Of Malta"
"The breed has been an aristocrat of the canine world for over 28 centuries, owned by royalty all over the globe." American Kennel Club

Welcome to Stevens' Puppies

Home of the sweetest little white Maltese angels in Virginia Beach, VA. Our beautiful little babies are hand raised in a home environment, with lots of care and love and are watched most all day long. They get lots of handling so they are super sweet and socialized. Mom Stevens was there since birth so they were imprinted at birth and every day they have been alive. Our kids hold them constantly so they should be very good with younger children and the elderly.

The puppies are wormed on a regular basis and all immunizations up to 12 weeks are administered unless the puppy is with us longer. All puppies are healthy and happy and will have a full vetrinary exam before purchase. We require you get another checkup after taking possession of your little precious puppy. All puppies will be held for at least 12 - 14 weeks in our home before they are allowed to leave with a new family.
Please feel free to browse our site. Get used to our terms and learn about our family and our pets. Contact us if you have any questions by email or phone. Our phone number is (757) 779-0214.

Each dog will be $1500 with a deposit of at least $300 to secure the dog. This is on the condition that we agree on terms. We do screen each home carefully to make sure new owners will be caring for their dog for the lifetime term of the dog. If this cannot be accomplished we ask the new owner to please return the puppy or dog to us with no questions asked and we will find the dog a new home. We do insist on spaying or neutering as part of our contract unless you are a professional breeder who we have preapproved a breeding contract with. We do not want our babies to be left alone on the street, abandoned or killed in a animal shelter. Breeder contracts will cost more and are carefully considered by the number of dogs in their homes/kennels. We care that our babies are not over used for breeding and to make money but more to improve the breed and for show quality.
Microchipping is available for approximately 53.00 (whatever the vet charges). I highly recommend you do it if you can especially with males. It will help you get your dog back should it get loose and the local animal shelter picks it up, they will call you right away.
Even the best homes can have a gate or door left open by kids or neighbors and the dog can get lost. Our male in his early days liked to escape so it did help us get him back several times when the kids left the gate open.
Females do not seem to be as interested in escaping but males are always wanting to go find a female whenever the chance comes about. I do recommend microchipping for any male or female if you can.
We do not guarantee size, medical problems (unless it is a genetic abnormality), hypoglycemia or bite on these dogs. We can only provide weights to you and you can calculate an approximate size for your dog using a calculator. It is up to you to determine these things before you purchase the dog so make sure to ask if it is of importance to you, we will list any issues on it's health record such as underbite, overbite, crossbite, umbellical hernia, etc. The dogs are sold as is.
If there is any operable or serious problem we will usually discount for it. This includes umbellical hernias which occur by either genetic defect or birth and sometimes close on their own as the puppy grows. When a dog has an umbellical hernia we will tell you and discount the dog $50.00 so that it can be fixed at the time of the spaying or neuter (Spay/Neuter with hernia repair is around $250 at our vet which is very reasonable and I highly recommend them, I have a quote to show in case your puppy has a hernia). The vet has assured us it is common and can close on it's own or be repaired with spay/neuter.  This is a rare occurance.
Underbites and overbites can cause issues if they are severe but won't always be an issue. Many dogs have them. They can be corrected with orthodontics if you chose, at your expense and this process is much faster on dogs than it is on humans. Many who choose to show their dog will be careful to choose a dog with a good bite, no umbelical hernias, etc.
Showman prefer dogs with good dark black points and prefer no pink points but it is accepted as well as lemon or beige on the dog. Lemon and Beige spots are also common in this breed as in the 1920's it was popular to have maltese with more color on them. Most of the lemon or beige do go away as the dog gets older but there is no guarantee. Choose your dog wisely.
Shipping is available although not recommended by us. Shipping will run approximately $350.00 or so according to the quote we get from the airlines at the time you wish to ship (this amount is not guaranteed and can be more or less). We prefer not to ship if we can avoid it.
We do have a checklist of items that you should have available for your new puppy. This will ensure proper care and upbringing. Please consider getting all items on the list before picking up your puppy.
We welcome you to stop by often and visit and send us emails and pictures of your new puppy with your family. We love to stay in touch. If your dog has any issues at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome emergency calls if the dog's health is at risk and we can recommend local veterinary clinics and hospitals.
If you have any questions at all please feel free to call us or email us at any time.
We will not knowingly deal with dog wholesalers, commercial retailers, brokers or unethical dog breeders, nor supply dogs for raffles, "give away" prizes or other such projects.

If you are interested in a banner on our site or banner exchange please email us for information.

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