Teacup Dogs “The Teacup Act” What you should know

This picture was taken from an Ad for a so called "Teacup" from Korea.  Yes I borrowed it.

This is a healthy looking well nourished maltese born of two parents of good genetics by a reputable breeder using good guildlines of the AKC and American Maltese Association and registerable with AKC and CKC papers.

 We are all attracted to the tiny darling dogs we see in pictures of the star’s purses. We want to get a tiny precious doggie for ourselves. We think it will make us happy to own a dog that is much smaller than the standard for its size and cuteness. It will snuggle us and be portable and easy to care for and love… right?….It will be our little baby and the fairy tale will go on.
So what is a teacup dog?
There is no such thing.  A teacup is a baby dog, born of two runts, induced early, lied about on documentation, stopped from breastfeeding healthy colostrum of it's mothers milk at 2 weeks,  neglected of calcium, colostrum and protein, starved and kept alive on vitamin drops in the second stage of growth and then malnourished for the rest of it's babyhood.   It is neglected, imbred and has terrible health issues.  Many teacups will not survive after the 8 month to 2 year stage.  Can you imagine how these puppies must cry when removed from their mother and starved, the suffering they have endured.  This suffering happens all the way up to the time you get the dog.

If anyone tries to sell you a teacup, no matter how cute the dog is, they are a horrific breeder who has done horrible things to their puppies so please read the rest of this article to get educated and then run, run, run..........do not buy that dog no matter how much you want to.

 There is no category defined by any reputable kennel cub as a TEACUP.    Any good breeder will tell you it is not a real breed of dog.  Any good breeder will help you understand the following information about the horrible lie of TEACUPS.
  1. It is a term used to describe a prematurely induced, severely in-grown, neglected and imbred dog (not bred for health, wellness or champion traits)
  2. It is a term used to describe yorkies, maltese, poodles or other small toy breed dogs that are induced early in pregnancy/malnourished/inbred to fall far under the standard of 4-7 lbs.
  3. It is a dog purchased to spend it’s life stuffed in someone’s hot purse!
  4. Buyers before making a horrible mistake that you will regret please take a few minutes to get educated.

      Inexperienced breeders who are not educated call them by this name to make their dogs more salable and more expensive and even worse they will lie to you and tell you that you are getting one when most likely it will get bigger.
  • A name used to trick buyers
  • A name used to make buyers pay up to $10,000 for a dog
  • A marketing ploy to entice buyers by unethical and unscrupulous breeders to drive up prices
  • A ploy of in-breeders to make money
  • A premature puppy born early usually the mother is forced into labor or an inbred dog raised in another country that does not have standards for healthy dogs and flown in to be sold to unknowing customers only to die or need serious vet care
  • A starved infant puppy to stunt growth, taken away from mommy and denied food during their second growth spurt and in some cases only given liquid or gel vitamins like nutrical as food substitute, neglected of calcium, colostrum and protein causing them to be very fragile
  • A dog given barely enough food to stay alive.
  • A dog whose age is lied about on their documentation.
  • A dog whose parents are two runt dogs with genetic defects.
      Dogs that are called this are actually genetically inbred or mutated dogs who have serious health risks:
  • Fragile Bones – easily broken by jumping off of a bed or couch or easily stepped on
  • Born too early so is really immature
  • Do not live long, usually no more than a few years but often die much earlier
  • Cannot receive normal immunizations
  • Won’t eat, has to be hand fed.
  • May not be able to be walked.
  • May be incontinent – unable to pee or poo properly
  • Deterioration
  • Problems with male penis unable to stay in sheath due to nerve issues requiring stitching it in.
  • Amputations of penis due to infections related to nerve issues.
     Dogs that are sold as teacups also commonly have genetic and congenital defects such as the following:
  • Open Fontanels that never close causing cranial bones not to close
  • Portosystemic Shunts (PSS – Abnormal vessel that allows the blood to bypass the liver causing the blood to never be cleaned)
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Blood Sugar Disorders
  • Cardiac Deformities and Problems, Faulty Heart Valves, Ventricular Flow Issues
  • Collapsing Trachea
  • Luxating Patellas
  • Leggs Calves Perthes Disease
  • Seizures
  • Hydroencephaly (Water on the brain)requiring a shunt to drain the brain of pressure causing fluids
  • Bulging Eyes (from hydroencephaly)
  • Blindness
  • Digestive Problems
  • Respiratory Problems which worsen throughout life
  • Bladder Problems – requiring dog sitters
  • Kidney Problems requiring surgery and special food
  • Spine Problems similar to dwarfism
  • Behavior Problems such as separation anxiety, easily irritated, fear problems, emotional issues caused by your own fears
  • Severe Emotional Issues

  Buying a dog of this stature will only lead to:

  •                   Months or years of heartbreak and wishing you hadn’t done it
  • Huge and staggering veterinarian bills
  • Dog getting accidentally killed by children
  • Dog getting accidentally killed by a mishap – trapped, squished, lost, fall
  • Early death of dog related to health issues, congenital and genetic defects, dehydration or starvation
  • Constant veterinary care, operations, procedures, antibiotics, painkillers, etc.
  • Pee and Poo all over from elimination problems, diarrhea from illness

      Note: Female dogs under 5 lbs should never be bred. It is dangerous and often ends up in death for the puppies and often even the mother dog!
      Teacups are not their own BREED. They are a money making ploy. If someone mentions the word teacup, run, run, run as fast as you can as it is probably a premature puppy!
      Undernourished Puppies may show signs of
  •       Shallow Breathing
  •       Dull Eyes or Excessive Water Discharge
  •       Weakness
      This is not a joke. I breed champion maltese and I get calls again and again from people who bought a teacup and it usually died or was sick by the second day they had it.
      If an 8 week old puppy is under 1.5 lbs do not buy it.  In fact do not ever buy a smaller breed dog before 12-14 weeks.  A good breeder will hold the dog until it is 14 weeks old as a minimum as their teeth are not fully in until 12 weeks and they need to continue feeding with mom until they are in. If someone sells you a small dog at 8 weeks they are most likely a bad breeder. If a breeder tells you they can breed a dog under 4 lbs full grown then run!
      Buyers beware!
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