We have two studs:

We will stud our males if all the right requirements are met.  Stud fee is $500.00 for 1 week.  The female (bitch) will be brought to our home and kept for approximately 1 week during her heat.  All care is included.  You provide your dogs snacks and food and kennel.  We do not give you the right to sell your puppies as breeding dogs.  The contract is Limited and the puppies must be sold as pets only to qualified new owners.  You must put a Limited Breeding clause (meaning no breeding) in your contract and you must agree to take the puppy back for re-homing rather than let your new owners put the dog in a shelter if they cannot care for it.

Shots Up To Date: Proof Required

Required Testing:  Brucelosis Test

AKC/CKC Records/Pedigree

Contract will be signed between both parties

Your female will be bred with our male at our home where we will care for your bitch.

Your female must be in heat and if you bring her at the end of her heat we cannot control whether or not she will concieve.

We will allow a second breeding period if your female does not get pregnant as per our contract.  We will agree to breed a second time if your first litter only produces 1 puppy. 

Both males are AKC and CKC registered.

Steven's Keko 
10 lbs
Beautiful Prance When Walking
Very Smart
Great Personality
Dark Points
Long White Straight Hair
AKC/CKC registered


Keko on the Right

Cajun Spice Wags N' Tails
6.1 lbs.
Sweet and Loving
Very Small (mom 4.5 lbs) makes smaller babies
Points Dark in Summer Lighter In Winter
Silkier Hair
Brucellosis Tested
AKC and CKC registered
Two champions in recent history


Cajun on the right

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