Puppy Checklist

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Here is a list of things we recommend you buy for your new puppy before you get the dog home or soon thereafter.

Collar (Avoid Soy Collars they cause damage to dogs mouth and are a choking hazard)


Kennel, Metal, Canvas or Plastic and Portable Canvas Play Yard or Metal Play Yard which I only recommend for play.  Check to see if it's got a airplane sticker which means it is airline approved

Dog Bed or Pad, Old Towels for baths and occasional cleanups

Baby Wipes while your dog is small

Clorox wipes and other goodies for accident cleanups

Dog bowls, 2, One for Water and one for Food. You can also use a watering bottle too if it is easier but they tend to leak/drip.

Puppy Food (We do send a small bag home with you which you can mix half and half with your new food for about a week) Small Kibble or Bites.

Healthy Puppy or Dog Snacks for later on when they are ready to chew/Treats for Training (Avoid anything made in china or with sweet potato including Milos Kitchen treats - check my blog about what is making dogs sick)

Chew Toy or Chew Bone (Nyla-bones are great)

Dog Comb for combing and top knots.

Dog Brush (pins on one side/bristles on the other)

Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner (Whitening (Bluing) Shampoo and Silk Conditioner) (Rite Aid carries the Jhirmack bluing shampoo which is much cheaper and you can just mix a little bit in with regular shampoo)   I have found that Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner work fine but there are many brands of dog shampoos and silk conditioners for dogs.

Conditioning Spray, De-tangle Spray or Shine Serum (I like Kinky Curly Knot Today Natural Leave in Detangler - its organic, smells amazing, can get it at Target in the cosmetics section, makes their hair soft - get some for you too)

Hair Bands and Bows or clips depending on grooming needs.

Papers and Bands for Top Knots.

Tear Cleaner (if they develop eye allergies) or eye cleaning solution

Angel Eyes Powder to sprinkle on food if they develop tear staining and use filtered water to just avoid it when ever possible.

Small Rubber Bands or fuzzy bands for keeping hair out of your dog's eyes

Wee Wee Pads or Potty Pads available at pet stores and large chain stores or Adult Under Pads available at any grocery store

Pedipaws or nail trimmer

Styptic Powder in case of bleeding

Flea Comb

Flea Medicine (veterinarian recommended)

Heartworm/Wormer medicine (veterinarian recommended)

Blanket or old towel or t-shirt for comfort

Pet T-shirt for cold days

Pet Jacket for cold days

In addition:

The name of a good groomer (check our links)

The name of a good veterinarian (check our links)

The address of some good pet stores (check our links)  like www.mypetsuppliesonline.com

The name of a good emergency pet hospital to put on the refrigerator

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