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Just how big will your maltese puppies be at adult size. Do they fit into the toy category set by the AKC standards?

So recently interested prospective parents asked me how big our dogs should be at the full grown adult size.

Well for the current puppies we have now, I have checked the charts.
Litter One: Buttercup, Belle and Buster weighed in at 5.5 oz. at birth.
At 5 weeks Belle and Buttercup are weighing in at 1.9 and Buster is weighing in at 2.1 lbs. The standard size is 2.4 lbs.

According to the chart our puppies should be close to the 6 lb range and maybe even a tad smaller. This is not guaranteed but is only an estimate. We don't play God or guarantee any size, color, temperment, etc.

Here is a link to the chart if you wish to view it yourself.

I read that another way is to take the puppy at 6 weeks, times the weight by 2 and add 2.

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