Customer Pictures

We want our customers to be able to share their stories, share their dog photos, etc!

Give us some times to ask our owners to review us!  See the happy owners.  You know we are a real breeder this way and that our customers are satisfied!

We welcome comments and pictures of our little angels who go to their forever homes!

So happy to bring puppy home!  I cried when this little guy left!

This little girl loves her new family.  She got a wonderful new home!

Luckily she lives close to us!  We see her at the groomers sometimes!  

We will miss Rainy, she moved to Texas!

This little one may travel around with her Opera singing mommy! 

Mommy, Daddy and the Grandparents all spoil this little doll!

This little gal was so excited to get a new darling baby boy to love!

This wonderful couple took Bella to live with them on their Farm!  Wow will she ever have fun there! 

This family is going to love their new dog while they are cooking italian food at their resturaunt!

This little guy is going to have fun with his new family traveling to new places.

"Oh Koby", that's my bird - how did he get in there.... He likes to laugh at the puppies when they play!

More to come!

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