Customer Comments

We just want to share some of the things our customers tell us.  Thank you our wonderful customers!

"I will say I really had a very good experience considering past experiences with breeders and the scam we discussed. I was impressed with your thoroughness in knowledge and  genuine compassion for others as well as the pets you have to offer families. I would definitely recommend you to others so they could also have the best quality in a pet such as our Maltese puppy. I will keep you posted on his progress and send you pictures too. He is a sweetheart!"


"I just had to send you a message about our puppy. Oh my goodness, he is such a sweetheart!!!! He seems very attached to me out of all for some reason. I forgot to mention we found out Monday, we are having a baby! Lol! So not sure if that's why, if he senses that or what but he is so loving. I can't help but let him sleep in my room and guess where he's at---- in my bed. I tried to put him in his cage but he cried and cried and kept jumping on the side of my bed so I said, why not... He also pottied on the pad on his own. He is doing real good. He is going to be extra spoiled I assure you. Everyone loves him to pieces. I will keep you posted on his progress and with any issues. Thank you so much for everything, I am truly grateful for you. Have a good night."

"After I watched the video you shared here in your article, I learned a lot tips to train the puppy. Tomorrow, I will try to train my dog using the tips I learned here and I'm sure we will enjoy our training. I will share your article to all my friends who are looking for a tip. Thank you very much for sharing this video with us."



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