We adore our Maltese dogs, Bella Rose, Zoey Rose, Lucy Rose,  Keko and Cajun Spice. We breed them only in the interest of improving the breed. This means responsible Breeding. We love our dogs and hope to see the breed perfected and kept healthy so they have less problems genetically. We do not breed to make money, only to improve the lineage of the fine Maltese dog. We will not be having tons of litters like some breeders. We only will have a few so that they are kept in a loving environment with lots of attention, exceptional care and will find excellent homes to special people who understand the responsibility involved. Our dogs are sold with a spay/neuter contract unless a special clause for breeding is included.
Did you know there are approximately 37 pages (as of this month) of maltese and maltese mixes sitting in rescues and animal shelters waiting to be destroyed if they can't get adopted. We do not want to add to this problem so our dogs are not sold to be bred unless by a reputable professional breeder and for that we charge more in order to prevent needless lives lost. We will sell to responsible breeders but only if the dog is of perfect breeding quality. We will put you on a waiting list. The price for a breeding dog is $2500.00 - 3000.00.
A perfect breeding dog is a dog with
  • a perfect bite or a bite according to the AKC
  • no skin allergies
  • good luxellas (joints)
  • no umbellical/reducible hernia
  • excellent hair
  • under 7 lbs approximately at adult size (not guaranteed)
  • good disposition
  • eyes set apart perfectly, dark and round
  • dark rimmed eyes and black nose (black points)
  • fine tapered muzzle. not snipy
  • preferrably pure white (lemon or beige is acceptable but not preferred)
  • body specs as specified by the AKC and AMA.
Breeding dogs is very hard work. It cannot easily be done if you have a full time job. It is almost as much work as having children but more work for shorter periods of time.
First you will have to have a strong disposition to be able to deal with birthing issues. You will have to assist your dog in breaking open amniotic sacs if the mother doesnt do it, and tying off umbellical cords, it's very nerve wracking and slimy work. The birthing process can be bloody and messy so prepare to use gloves if you can.
Your full time job will be cleaning up puppy poo after the mother no longer does it or whenever she does not do it, running puppies to the vet, giving them wormer and getting their shots, staying on top of records, cleaing pens or cages constantly as they spill food and water everywhere, doing tons of laundry to keep their towels and blankies clean, shopping for toys, chew toys, snacks and dog food constantly.
Puppies and Momma needed baths constantly with all the puppies pooping so much. Maltese must be kept much longer than the average dog and can be sent to their homes at 12-14 weeks as opposed to other dogs since their teeth come in so late and they cannot be weaned as early so it is much more work. It is hard work to keep their fur white with all the pooping and peeing going on.
As they get older the breeder wants to start training them and getting them outside for exercise and elimination needs. This also results in the dogs getting dirty and rolling around and the breeder will be picking fleas off constantly to keep the puppies from needing flea medicine at their young ages. More baths happen at this point and you will be tired from the constant bathing.
The breeder must keep all records and try to find the puppies good homes. The kind of homes that won't give the puppy up after a year or two. They are responsible to make sure the new owners are reliable and responsible. They must be there for the new owners if they have any questions. The breeder must get puppies pre-registered and keep track of weights, shots, owner information. Ads are expensive. Some weeks people don't respond depending on the economy so be prepared to possibly keep a dog or two for much longer than expected.
It is a lot of work. You will barely get paid for the amount of work you do. Breeding dogs is a serious lot of work.
I will not sell my dogs for breeding except to certifiable breeders who do not raise their dogs in kennels outdoors or run dog mills. The breeder will be checked out fully by us. Regular customers will not be given full contracts. We will take legal action against you if you are found breeding a dog you bought off of us without a full contract out of principle. Our dogs will not be exported for breeding purposes.
Certifiable breeders may contact us to request to be put on our waiting list for a good breeding male or female.
Thank you for inquiring.

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