Tuesday, June 6, 2017

2 New Males Born May 31, 2017 Non Registerable

*Update*  Both puppies have gone to their new forever home!

I have two new males born at the end of May.  They will be tinies/toy sized. These puppies are a result of accidental back-breeding due to groomer irresponsibility but they are every bit the gorgeous champion bloodline dogs I normally sell.  My dogs are always checked by the veterinarian every couple of weeks and they get all shots up to date, including worming every 2 weeks.

These boys will not be registerable though they are purebred maltese with champion bloodlines.  The mother has about 8-9 champions in her immediate bloodline and the father has about 2 within 3-5 generations. These puppies were full term at birth and had healthy non-eventful births.  Both little angels are feeding well.  I will be posting pictures regularly.

Mom is 6 lbs and dad is 6.5 lbs.  Dad's Mom is 4.5 lbs.  Sisters and brothers have been in the 5 to 6 lb range.

I am asking $1200 per male.

I will be accepting deposits of $300.  The balance can be paid in full during the whelping time of 14 weeks.

Puppies will have at least 2-3 vet visits and 2-3 sets of shots, this depending on puppies size at time of re-homing.  Some puppies are too small and require waiting a few extra weeks so they are large enough to get their shots.  It is your responsibility to continue up to a total of 3-4 shots and a rabies shot by 1 year.  Puppies should be spayed/neutered by 1 year as per contract requirement.

$55.00 Additionally includes a microchip.  It will be put in right before you pick up your pet.  This must be paid in advance of the installation.  Microchips are safe and are installed by a licensed veterinarian.  Microchip help identify your dog if it runs off or escapes through your fence and is picked up by animal control or if it is stolen it can be scanned by a vet and the real owner may be found.


Vet Visits
Shots 2-3 Sets Shots
Wormings every 2 weeks
New Puppy Guide

Optional Microchip $55.00 extra

1.  Male Maltese, White, Black Points, Tiny/Toy
Non-Breedable Contract.
Mr. Fluff...$1200
Birth date: 5/31/17
Birth weight:  4.5 oz.
Should be approximately 4.5- 5.5 lbs full grown.

2.  Male Maltese, White, Black Points, Tiny/Toy
Non-Breedable Contract.
Snoop Dog E Dog...$1200
Birth date: 5/31/17
Birth weight  4.7 oz.
Should be approximately 5-7 lbs full grown.

Call to reserve your puppy at 757-779-0214.  Leave a message if you are interested and I will get back to you.  Feel free to text me as well.


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