Monday, December 8, 2014

Puppy Playpens We Recommend!

I just have to say raising a puppy is fun but when you want to focus on something and still give puppy room to play there is a great solution out there! 

Here is a product I have ordered many times.  It comes in different sizes and colors and is super cheap and has inexpensive shipping.  It comes with a nice carrying case and I highly recommend it until Puppy can tip it over or chews a hole in it.  At that point you must discontinue usage. 

The nice thing is it is waterproof, you can lay a potty pad or towel or blanket in it, you can feed them in it and it is going to save your carpet for sure so that puppy has a chance to learn his potty training skills first.  Some dogs just like to lay in it and it has a mesh door you can unzip.  It also has a zip off circular top screen which is really not needed but there in case you need it.

I would not use this as a replacement for a kennel while you are gone as it may have strangulation possibilities however it has safely served my litters many times.

Maltese puppies can easily fit in the small or medium playpen.  There are other similar playpens out there you might like.  I just search Amazon and voila there are many styles out there!  I promise you for a puppy it is a worthy investment!


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