Monday, December 8, 2014

Maltese Tear Stains - Eye Envy Review and Usage By Maltese Obsession

We all know some Maltese suffer tear staining.  There are many disputes regarding the causes of the staining and here are some of the mentioned causes:

1.  Bacterial Infection/Low Enzyme Levels
2.  Systemic Imbalance/Stress
3.  Red Food Coloring in Dog Food
4.  Iron in the Water Supply
5.  Eye Allergies/Eye Goobers
6.  Watery Eyes/Hair In Eyes
7.  Unclean Environment
8.  Bad Ventilation

I am always trying to provide new owners with the best information out there so they can try different products/regimens until they find the one that works.

Here is an article from Maltese Only
This is a product linked to their page however I have not tried it

Here is a review from Maltese Obsession using a product called Eye Envy which I have heard is highly recommended.

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