Monday, December 8, 2014

Blow Drying With A Cool Pup - Home Grooming from Maltese Obsession

Again from Maltese Obsession a really cute video with grooming tips and blow drying tips.  You can get the same result using a blow dryer it just takes a bit longer and you have to be careful not to burn the dog's skin as Dolce mentions.  Some dogs may be afraid of the blow dryer so you may have to use it on LOW until they get used to it.  I usually hold the blow dryer quite a bit away almost 10-12 inches away to prevent burns.  She shares her review of how she uses her Kool Pup blow dryer which makes blowing out that beautiful silky hair so easy!

Thank you again to Maltese Obsession for sharing her grooming tips!

Places I found the Kool Pup Blow Dryer at:
I do not personally have a Kool Pup Blow Dryer nor do I endorse it but I have to say it looks awesome!  I think I will order one!  When I do I will give it a review!

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