Wednesday, November 5, 2014

RED, RED, RED Eyes....Food Change Neccessary

The Red Eye problem.

My dogs are drinking purified reverse osmosis water from a filter that is changed regularly from GE.
That is a system that removes ALMOST EVERY thing from that water including spores, bacteria, most of the flouride, etc.  So how could my dogs be getting red eyes I ask myself.

After much deliberation and pontification I have come to the conclusion that my dogs are getting red eyes from Science Diet.  It could be from dyes or something else in the food and I have decided to move them to a much less problematic food.

I have used the Beneful food in the when I ran out of science diet and could not make it to the Pet Supply Store.  During the time I had the puppies we had been using Beneful but I had always used Science Diet in the past and my dogs eyes were clear at the time on Beneful but after switching back to Science Diet the eyes of all my dogs immediately went dirty red so I admit I am going to take them off Science Diet.

Science diet is a very good food but I admit it is not good for White Dogs eyes unfortunately.  I am concerned what is in their food causing the red eyes.

I may try some other foods but I have decided that my dogs irritated eyes are no longer going to be subject to Science Diet.  I will let you know after a few months how the switch back to Beneful goes.

One reason I like Beneful is that it is a purina product.  Purina is working to make Pet Food makers honest about what is going in the dog food and holding those companies accountable to better products.  See

Beneful is easily available at your grocer that is another reason I like it I can get it any time of the day.

Beneful provided ample healthy nutrition to my stock in between litters as I tried it on a whim when Pet Smart was not open.  It has never made my dogs sick and I support them in this case.  They have strict codes of how they buy, store and process their products.  They are more strict than most companies out there.

I felt better after reading the FACTS here

I may experiment with other foods but to be honest if it was working without problems why should I change?  My puppies are born with no issues, teeth look amazing with no bite issues and hips have been having no joint issues.  My dogs look amazing and I feel confident they are getting great nutrition.

There are many other foods you can try.  Some even like to feed their dogs natural or raw food diets.

Do what feels right for your animal, buy the best food you can afford and make sure you can feel a small layer of fat over the ribs but the ribs should not be too prominent.  Adjust your pets food as they grow and feed them several times a day.  Take them out to elminate right after feeding time to prevent accidents.

Another interesting thing you can try is Angel Eyes to help clear up the RED once it is there in case your dog has gotten a bacterial infection.  Your vet can give you a small sample of the tylan or tylosin powder for a very affordable price if you ask them if you can't find the Angel eyes in your area!

You will have to trim out any red after cleaning the area as it is stained and won't go away.  I have found a very wet paste of regular human grade 1% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixed together dabbed on with a cotton ball for about 5 minutes helps clean up the area but do not leave it on long as it is very harsh on skin.

1.  Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda - equal parts
2.  Use cotton ball to clean and dab around eyes.
3.  Rinse after a few minutes with water on a wash rag to loosen junk under eyes.  Rinse out washcloth.
4.  Rinse again with water on wet rag to rinse eye area, wipe gently around eyes.
5.  Do not get mixture in eyes, rinse thouroughly with water if you do.
6.  Allow to dry,   Trim out carefully any red fur with trimmers careful not to injure eye.
7.  Avoid using scissors in eye area at all costs.  You do not want to injure your dog.
8.  If you have shaky hands pay your groomer or vet to clean the eyes.

Consult a vetrinarian if the red does not go away.

Best wishes!


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