Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Product Review #1 All Systems Shazam Super Whitening Gel Stain Remover

Can it be true?  Can my dogs eyes really
be clean and pretty instead of having brownish red stains that never seem to go away?

Try At Your Own Risk
I wanted to share my experience with this product because staining under a white dogs eye duct is very common and the staining is almost impossible to remove.  I don't want to hurt my dog or use a dangerous product near it's eyes.  I found this product on Amazon and after reading the reviews, I was convinced it might be worth the money.

After the product arrived, I noted it was a clear gel.  I first cleaned my dogs eyes out, removed any excess hair and washed the area with a gentle eye cleaner by means of washcloth which did not remove the reddish stain that are commonly associated with white dogs. 
The Shazam Stain Remover was easy to apply by using a soft cotton ball or washcloth to gently rub any reddish eye lids and underneath eye ducts to get the clear gel on the hair that was stained.  I left a small amount on the stained areas overnight.  In the morning and the next day I noted that the stain was pretty much gone.  Wow.  My dogs did not seem to have watery eyes or any irritation afterwards.
I could probably even have done a second application to be more certain they were perfectly white but it did not appear that I had to.
I had read good reviews about it on Amazon and after using it myself - I will say it's a YES - THUMBS UP on the Shazam product.  Stain problem resolved.  BAM! (I know I sound like Emeril) 
My dog's eyes looked fantastic!  Afterwards make sure to clean eyes several times a week if possible with a gentle eye cleaner or eye wash. 
Perhaps in the future I can get it into my own pet store for you at www.mypetsuppliesonline.com
Happy Holidays!

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