Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Extreme Information On What Is Making Our Dogs Sick In The Jerky

I am not sure about all this but hey it sounds like we should avoid the chinese made pet snacks for sure!

Toxic Treats Still Killing Dogs BEWARE!!! Make Your Own!

Be careful there is a serious problem with jerky dog treats out there that are killing dogs

Dealing With Dog Allergies

Here is an interesting take on how to deal with dog allergies.

Crate Training With Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer

Cesar has some good trips on Crate Training.

Housebreaking In 3 Steps

Chad with Thriving Canine tells us the 3 steps of potty training. You can't know enough about this step of raising your dog.

How to potty train and crate train your dog

Zak shows us good tips on potty training and also crate training their dog. We must teach them where they should be going potty.

Training Basics How To Teach Your Dog To Look At You

Zak George shows us how to teach our dog a first trick of looking at you which helps with other training and tricks. He wants to help you achieve a training bubble in which the dog will learn from you more effectively.

Teach Your Dog How To Sit Pretty

Zak shows us how to get our dogs to sit pretty. This is the cutest trick!

Teach Your Dog New Simple Tricks, Sit, Lie Down, Roll Over with Lure Training

Some new fun tricks to start training your puppy or dog. Lure training helps move the dog into the position you want them in.

Teach Your Dog To Shake

One of the easiest new tricks to teach your new dog to do is to shake.  Using a yummy treat like cheese or a piece of turkey meat or small training treat reinforces the trick. Thanks to Zak for teach us new tricks!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Jerkly Treats Deemed Dangerous!

Be aware that there is a serious issue going on with various types of jerky treats.  I know my dogs have gotten sick from the sweet potato ones.  Don't bother buying them.  Click the picture to learn more!

Read more now!

Lets keep our pets safe!

Check Your Bags of Science Diet

Science Diet recalled Dog Food for small toy breed.  Check out the article!