Monday, December 8, 2014

How To Take Care of a Puppy: Bringing A New Puppy Home

Take a look at this extremely informative care video by howdini on bringing home a new puppy!

Maltese Tear Stains - Eye Envy Review and Usage By Maltese Obsession

We all know some Maltese suffer tear staining.  There are many disputes regarding the causes of the staining and here are some of the mentioned causes:

1.  Bacterial Infection/Low Enzyme Levels
2.  Systemic Imbalance/Stress
3.  Red Food Coloring in Dog Food
4.  Iron in the Water Supply
5.  Eye Allergies/Eye Goobers
6.  Watery Eyes/Hair In Eyes
7.  Unclean Environment
8.  Bad Ventilation

I am always trying to provide new owners with the best information out there so they can try different products/regimens until they find the one that works.

Here is an article from Maltese Only
This is a product linked to their page however I have not tried it

Here is a review from Maltese Obsession using a product called Eye Envy which I have heard is highly recommended.

Puppy Playpens We Recommend!

I just have to say raising a puppy is fun but when you want to focus on something and still give puppy room to play there is a great solution out there! 

Here is a product I have ordered many times.  It comes in different sizes and colors and is super cheap and has inexpensive shipping.  It comes with a nice carrying case and I highly recommend it until Puppy can tip it over or chews a hole in it.  At that point you must discontinue usage. 

The nice thing is it is waterproof, you can lay a potty pad or towel or blanket in it, you can feed them in it and it is going to save your carpet for sure so that puppy has a chance to learn his potty training skills first.  Some dogs just like to lay in it and it has a mesh door you can unzip.  It also has a zip off circular top screen which is really not needed but there in case you need it.

I would not use this as a replacement for a kennel while you are gone as it may have strangulation possibilities however it has safely served my litters many times.

Maltese puppies can easily fit in the small or medium playpen.  There are other similar playpens out there you might like.  I just search Amazon and voila there are many styles out there!  I promise you for a puppy it is a worthy investment!


Blow Drying With A Cool Pup - Home Grooming from Maltese Obsession

Again from Maltese Obsession a really cute video with grooming tips and blow drying tips.  You can get the same result using a blow dryer it just takes a bit longer and you have to be careful not to burn the dog's skin as Dolce mentions.  Some dogs may be afraid of the blow dryer so you may have to use it on LOW until they get used to it.  I usually hold the blow dryer quite a bit away almost 10-12 inches away to prevent burns.  She shares her review of how she uses her Kool Pup blow dryer which makes blowing out that beautiful silky hair so easy!

Thank you again to Maltese Obsession for sharing her grooming tips!

Places I found the Kool Pup Blow Dryer at:
I do not personally have a Kool Pup Blow Dryer nor do I endorse it but I have to say it looks awesome!  I think I will order one!  When I do I will give it a review!

Maltese Groom Video: Tweety - By Maltese Obsession

I just love how cute this gal is and how she has so many great tips for grooming and top knots.  Especially for those of you who want to allow the hair on your Maltese to get long, she really takes time showing you her tips and tricks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Product Review #1 All Systems Shazam Super Whitening Gel Stain Remover

Can it be true?  Can my dogs eyes really
be clean and pretty instead of having brownish red stains that never seem to go away?

Try At Your Own Risk
I wanted to share my experience with this product because staining under a white dogs eye duct is very common and the staining is almost impossible to remove.  I don't want to hurt my dog or use a dangerous product near it's eyes.  I found this product on Amazon and after reading the reviews, I was convinced it might be worth the money.

After the product arrived, I noted it was a clear gel.  I first cleaned my dogs eyes out, removed any excess hair and washed the area with a gentle eye cleaner by means of washcloth which did not remove the reddish stain that are commonly associated with white dogs. 
The Shazam Stain Remover was easy to apply by using a soft cotton ball or washcloth to gently rub any reddish eye lids and underneath eye ducts to get the clear gel on the hair that was stained.  I left a small amount on the stained areas overnight.  In the morning and the next day I noted that the stain was pretty much gone.  Wow.  My dogs did not seem to have watery eyes or any irritation afterwards.
I could probably even have done a second application to be more certain they were perfectly white but it did not appear that I had to.
I had read good reviews about it on Amazon and after using it myself - I will say it's a YES - THUMBS UP on the Shazam product.  Stain problem resolved.  BAM! (I know I sound like Emeril) 
My dog's eyes looked fantastic!  Afterwards make sure to clean eyes several times a week if possible with a gentle eye cleaner or eye wash. 
Perhaps in the future I can get it into my own pet store for you at
Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bath Time and Basic Grooming - Sharing is caring!

I thought this was an adorable bath video and the owner seems to have great tips on washing and caring for her Maltese!

Crate Training and Conditioning....

Here is a great video on conditioning your dog to be comfortable in his or her crate!  Helps with anxiety and other behavior.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

RED, RED, RED Eyes....Food Change Neccessary

The Red Eye problem.

My dogs are drinking purified reverse osmosis water from a filter that is changed regularly from GE.
That is a system that removes ALMOST EVERY thing from that water including spores, bacteria, most of the flouride, etc.  So how could my dogs be getting red eyes I ask myself.

After much deliberation and pontification I have come to the conclusion that my dogs are getting red eyes from Science Diet.  It could be from dyes or something else in the food and I have decided to move them to a much less problematic food.

I have used the Beneful food in the when I ran out of science diet and could not make it to the Pet Supply Store.  During the time I had the puppies we had been using Beneful but I had always used Science Diet in the past and my dogs eyes were clear at the time on Beneful but after switching back to Science Diet the eyes of all my dogs immediately went dirty red so I admit I am going to take them off Science Diet.

Science diet is a very good food but I admit it is not good for White Dogs eyes unfortunately.  I am concerned what is in their food causing the red eyes.

I may try some other foods but I have decided that my dogs irritated eyes are no longer going to be subject to Science Diet.  I will let you know after a few months how the switch back to Beneful goes.

One reason I like Beneful is that it is a purina product.  Purina is working to make Pet Food makers honest about what is going in the dog food and holding those companies accountable to better products.  See

Beneful is easily available at your grocer that is another reason I like it I can get it any time of the day.

Beneful provided ample healthy nutrition to my stock in between litters as I tried it on a whim when Pet Smart was not open.  It has never made my dogs sick and I support them in this case.  They have strict codes of how they buy, store and process their products.  They are more strict than most companies out there.

I felt better after reading the FACTS here

I may experiment with other foods but to be honest if it was working without problems why should I change?  My puppies are born with no issues, teeth look amazing with no bite issues and hips have been having no joint issues.  My dogs look amazing and I feel confident they are getting great nutrition.

There are many other foods you can try.  Some even like to feed their dogs natural or raw food diets.

Do what feels right for your animal, buy the best food you can afford and make sure you can feel a small layer of fat over the ribs but the ribs should not be too prominent.  Adjust your pets food as they grow and feed them several times a day.  Take them out to elminate right after feeding time to prevent accidents.

Another interesting thing you can try is Angel Eyes to help clear up the RED once it is there in case your dog has gotten a bacterial infection.  Your vet can give you a small sample of the tylan or tylosin powder for a very affordable price if you ask them if you can't find the Angel eyes in your area!

You will have to trim out any red after cleaning the area as it is stained and won't go away.  I have found a very wet paste of regular human grade 1% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixed together dabbed on with a cotton ball for about 5 minutes helps clean up the area but do not leave it on long as it is very harsh on skin.

1.  Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda - equal parts
2.  Use cotton ball to clean and dab around eyes.
3.  Rinse after a few minutes with water on a wash rag to loosen junk under eyes.  Rinse out washcloth.
4.  Rinse again with water on wet rag to rinse eye area, wipe gently around eyes.
5.  Do not get mixture in eyes, rinse thouroughly with water if you do.
6.  Allow to dry,   Trim out carefully any red fur with trimmers careful not to injure eye.
7.  Avoid using scissors in eye area at all costs.  You do not want to injure your dog.
8.  If you have shaky hands pay your groomer or vet to clean the eyes.

Consult a vetrinarian if the red does not go away.

Best wishes!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

What to do if your dog is choking? Thank you to Dr. Andrew Jones for sharing various methods!

We Just Welcomed a New Litter of Pups Aug 11. 2014

We were proud to welcome a new litter of puppies from Zoey Rose and Cajun Spice born on Aug 11, 2014. We were blessed with 1 female and 4 males! We will be putting up pictures soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Extreme Information On What Is Making Our Dogs Sick In The Jerky

I am not sure about all this but hey it sounds like we should avoid the chinese made pet snacks for sure!

Toxic Treats Still Killing Dogs BEWARE!!! Make Your Own!

Be careful there is a serious problem with jerky dog treats out there that are killing dogs

Dealing With Dog Allergies

Here is an interesting take on how to deal with dog allergies.

Crate Training With Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer

Cesar has some good trips on Crate Training.

Housebreaking In 3 Steps

Chad with Thriving Canine tells us the 3 steps of potty training. You can't know enough about this step of raising your dog.

How to potty train and crate train your dog

Zak shows us good tips on potty training and also crate training their dog. We must teach them where they should be going potty.

Training Basics How To Teach Your Dog To Look At You

Zak George shows us how to teach our dog a first trick of looking at you which helps with other training and tricks. He wants to help you achieve a training bubble in which the dog will learn from you more effectively.

Teach Your Dog How To Sit Pretty

Zak shows us how to get our dogs to sit pretty. This is the cutest trick!

Teach Your Dog New Simple Tricks, Sit, Lie Down, Roll Over with Lure Training

Some new fun tricks to start training your puppy or dog. Lure training helps move the dog into the position you want them in.

Teach Your Dog To Shake

One of the easiest new tricks to teach your new dog to do is to shake.  Using a yummy treat like cheese or a piece of turkey meat or small training treat reinforces the trick. Thanks to Zak for teach us new tricks!

Watch here:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Jerkly Treats Deemed Dangerous!

Be aware that there is a serious issue going on with various types of jerky treats.  I know my dogs have gotten sick from the sweet potato ones.  Don't bother buying them.  Click the picture to learn more!

Read more now!

Lets keep our pets safe!

Check Your Bags of Science Diet

Science Diet recalled Dog Food for small toy breed.  Check out the article!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

How To Get Puppy To Come When Called

If you are like me you can call your puppy and he will avoid you and run everywhere but to you. Check out this video for help!

Clean Your Puppies Ears

How to clean your puppies ears...
Buy a nice ear cleaning solution from your local pet store such as some of these

Video on Cleaning Your Puppy's Ears -- powered by

Great Chew Toys For Puppy

Check out this video which helps with chew toys for teething puppies!

We recommend these products:

Greenies (Teenie for small dogs)

Natural Balance Dental Chews

Nutrident Nylabone

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur

Nylabone Healthy Edibles

Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

Pedigree Dentastix

Pedigree Jumbones (Mini for small dogs)

Purina Busy Bone

Purina Busy Bone Dental Chew

There are more great dental chews on the market by these and other manfacturers, use caution when buying anything your dog may swallow and choke on.

Puppy Chew Toys Video -- powered by

Tips For Success In Housebreaking Your Puppy

There are certain steps in housebreaking. Watch this video for tips to success in housebreaking!

House Training Your Puppy Video -- powered by

First Step to Housebreaking Puppy

Having issues potty training.  This video should give you some great housebreaking information.

Video on Housebreaking Your Puppy -- powered by

Teach Your Puppy How To Sit

Teach your new puppy how to sit!