Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Right Brush For A Maltese.

This is not my article (is one of my past puppies) but I agree, the bristle brushes work the best.  I buy the bristle brush that has bristles on one side and pins on the other.

Our recommendation:

This is the type of hair brush you should get.  It is great for blow drying with the bristle side and then going through after the hair is completely dry with the pin side to make sure hair does not get tangled.  

Never pull or yank Maltese hair but continue to blow dry your Maltese all the way through with a soft side of the brush even if it seems matted, continue brushing with the soft side, sometimes areas that appear matted come loose at the end and use a blow dryer being very careful not to burn the dog with the blow dryer.  If you can set it on high blowing with low to med heat this works best but low and cool is good too but takes much longer.  I use the warm setting while they are wet to keep them moderately warm and the cool setting once they are dry.  You must dry them completely or they will mat in a unrecoverable way.   You must never get closer than 8 inches with the blow dryer.  It can burn your dog.

If you are working with a puppy, introduce them to the blow dryer by allowing them to sniff it, put it on low blow and low heat until they feel more comfortable at which time you can push the blowing setting up to high.

Remember the Maltese have sensitive, delicate skin so go easy on them.  Don't brush so hard that it hurts them and remember to be careful with the heat of the blow dryer.

Brush carefully and completely under ears, under arms, under belly, around bottom, hind legs and tail as well as the rest of the coat.  Any fur left in a wet mess will mat up costing you more money to detangle or have shaved down.

After they are dry, run the pin side of the brush through the coat to leave it silky and fluffy but mainly on the larger parts of the body as Maltese are pretty sensitive about letting you use this side on feet, legs, face, etc.  Only use a soft brush on face, head, legs and sensitive areas.
Here is another great link on grooming and brushing your Maltese dog.

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