Sunday, November 4, 2012

Puppy Love!

I am certainly having such a hard time not wanting to keep all these puppies.  These puppies are cute as can be.  They really need to go to some great homes.  I am wanting to sit and play all day with them.  Look how cute they are...

The fur is soft and silky and starting to look like an fluffy explosion of silky cotton.   Their little angelic faces are making me want them all.  They want to find their new mommies and daddies.  This little guy is 5 weeks old approximately. I have 1 left from my first litter and 3 left from the second litter.  Hope you enjoyed the pics.

I know the price seems high at $1500 and 50 for a microchip, and just so you know, we only get 1-4 puppies per litter to begin with and the vets are getting really expensive lately and our pups see the vet around 3 times before they go to you.  This means your dog gets seen a lot by the veterinarian to find out as much as possible before you get it.  You will get a health record, signed contract, 1 year guarantee against congenital defect, if you want a microchip it is extra but I charge only what the veterinarian does and not a penny more.  Considering the $2,700 I spent on one male and $2.000 I spent on another, I think the price is fair for a dog raised in a better environment than a pet store.   It is very fair for a dog that has lots of champion bloodlines, no skin allergies, etc.

I spent 5 years fighting a pet store for one of my dogs pedigrees so you are much better off buying from a breeder like me who does not screw you over and make you fight to get your proper paperwork.  In fact I am going to start helping my new owners register their dogs through me while they are doing pickup so they don't leave the paperwork around and lose it later.

The puppies live in our busy home with kids, animals and birds so they get a lot of socialization.  My kids are holding them and spending time loving them.  This is good so they get proper socialization from birth.  An unsociable dog will have problems adjusting to new environments, people and other animals and do not make good pets.

When we say these pups have champions in their bloodlines, what I mean is within 6 generations or so there are many champions, not just one.  The dogs are just lovely.  

The father is a small little guy and he is a sweet loving male with a long track record as a stud.  His mother was 4.5 pounds so he tends to make smaller puppies.  Some of them are in the 4-6.5 lb. range.

He's very small and tiny at 6.1 lbs.  He is fed a diet of Science Diet Small Bites and Reverse Osmosis Water and select snacks.

Bella Rose

Zoey Rose (Bella's daughter)

There are two different mothers both in the 6.5 lb range and shown as Zoey Rose and Bella Rose on this site.

Bella Rose is sweet and loving, makes lots of eye connections, wants to be with you a lot.  She cleans up after her puppies and nurtures them, cuddles them and more.  Bella's hair is a bit curlier than Zoey's.

Zoey Rose is smart, listens beautifully and is a very good Mommy   She loves to play with her puppies when they get bored and whine.  Zoey's hair is much straighter than Bella's.

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