Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stud Service

We are currently providing stud service.  If you have need for a stud please contact us at (757) 779-0214.

Any dog who is to be bred to another should be routinely inspected by a veterinarian for general health, brucellosis and should have yearly exams and immunizations before breeding.

It is best if you allow your female to have a rest in between litters for at least one season.  This means let them rest on the next heat.  If the damsel looks healthy and has a good weight and passes her yearly exam with flying colors then you may breed her on her next exam.

Breeders should be mentored and should be aware of expectations of the AMA (American Maltese Association) and the AKC (American Kennel Club).

Female Dogs under 4.5 lbs should never be bred.  It is likely the dog will end up having a c-section and will need to be retired.

Female dogs should never be bred more than 3 times to ensure the health and vitality of the dog.

It is recommended that you spay your bitch after 3 successful litters.

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