Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Puppy For Christmas

What could be more adorable than a sweet little furball waiting to be loved for Christmas.  We have been blessed with two litters ready to go to new homes at Christmas time.
Much love and attention goes into getting your puppy ready such as constant cleaning, lots of petting, loving, snuggling, weaning, learning to eat puppy food, practice leash walking, potty training and lots of baths and grooming. 
We raise our dogs with our family, our kids, other pets and in a busy household environment which helps the puppy adjust better to almost any situation.  We send home a washcloth with the scent of all in the house so they feel comforted when they get to your house. 
Another great thing we do is to have you come over and visit your puppy one or two times the week before you take it so that the adjustment in getting used to you is spread out over time, ensuring the dog is adjusts faster to the new owners and  to the new home.
Our puppies will delight you.  We take extra special care of them, making sure they learn potty training skills before leaving the nest, we practice using potty pads, then using commands like potty outside and also going through a doggie door.  This will ensure your dog will have an easier time being potty trained.
We also practice walking puppy on a leash a few times so that the first walk with the new owner will go much easier.  There is much good that happens when the dog is eased into walking and following mom and another puppy on a leash, than when it is dragged because it never got to practice in a positive environment before. 
Mom Stevens and one of our newest 4 week old puppies taken 10/25/12.
We are taking deposits now for our current litters.

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